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Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo and Piercing
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Tattoos and Body Piercings

Here at Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo and Body Piercing we have a deep love, respect and admiration for the craft of tattooing and body piercing. We specialize in high quality, professional, custom tattoos and body piercings. Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo (also World Famous BHS Ink) takes pride in being one of the oldest, biggest, most award winning and professional studios in the Hampton Roads area. 

Below are some recent work samples from some of our artists and piercers from all three Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo and Body Piercing locations. 

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World Famous Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo Artists and Piercers:
 VIRGINIA BEACH TATTOO ARTISTS: Joe Hitt, Adam King, Zach Migleriese, Timothy Cusack, Jordan Kitigawa, Alexandra Flynn
Tattoo Apprentices: Aaron Hermoso, Trey Stark, Dorsey Taylor, Emily Segura, Laine Roller
VIRGINIA BEACH PIERCERS: Biscuit, Julia Catherine Elliott, Brandi Rose
  PORTSMOUTH TATTOO ARTISTS: Ren Marshok. Ashley Skelton, Logan Dorval, Kiara "Spider" Worrell
HAMPTON TATTOO ARTISTS:  Jimmy James Higgins, Paulie Thrasher, Rhino.
HAMPTON BODY PIERCERS: Justin Merritt, Crystal White, Jessica Coston.
Blue Horse Shoe Founder/Owner/Artist: Christopher J. Bowman.
Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo Owner: Tammy Hoshak
Blue Horse Shoe Hampton Owner/Master Piercer: Justin Merritt
World Famous BHS Ink/Blue Horse Shoe Tattoo General Manager: Andy Behling.
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